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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education, Grades Six Through Twelve Master’s Level Licensure

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The program in secondary education, including the undergraduate component and the M.A.T., is designed to prepare teachers who are reflective decision-makers. Teachers who are reflective decision-makers are able to choose from among known educational alternatives to maximize student learning in a variety of instructional situations.

The undergraduate program in secondary education is designed to provide candidates with the prerequisite course offerings and experiences that form the required foundation for admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program. Completion of the M.A.T. program is required for a recommendation for licensure in secondary education through JMU. Undergraduate candidates who are planning to pursue licensure to teach in an academic area at the secondary school level should complete the 23 credit hour pre-professional program in education.

Candidates should also complete a major or the equivalent in one of the arts and sciences disciplines closely associated with the desired teaching area. The state approved licensure areas in the secondary education program at JMU include: English, mathematics, the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, earth science), and history/social science (social studies). Licensure endorsements for other teaching areas (e.g., algebra I, journalism and gifted education) are available as add-on programs. Candidates should contact the departmental office for information concerning those programs.

Candidates should consult with the department head or an adviser in secondary education early during the first year or as soon, thereafter, as possible to obtain information concerning completing the related General Education and content area requirements, as well as the undergraduate and graduate education requirements.

The secondary education licensure program is an integrated program of undergraduate and graduate requirements and experiences. It is important for candidates to understand that they must meet the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and that the appropriate undergraduate pre-professional courses and experiences must be completed satisfactorily before they will be admitted to the M.A.T. program.

Candidates must earn a grade of “B-” or better in all required pre-professional undergraduate courses in the education program and at least a “C-” in content course work to continue in and complete the pre-professional program. Consult The Graduate Catalog for M.A.T. graduate requirements. Admission to and the satisfactory completion of the M.A.T. program are required in order to receive a recommendation through JMU for a teaching license at the secondary school level.

Candidates should note that they must be fully admitted to teacher education prior to registering for courses in the pre-professional secondary education program. Candidates should also note that actual teacher licensure requirements may differ from the catalog requirements listed for a program because of changes enacted by the Virginia Department of Education or accrediting agencies after the catalog copy is approved. Therefore, it is important for students to confer with their education advisers on a regular basis.

B.S./B.A. Undergraduate Degree Requirements


  • General Education  41-44 Credit Hours 1
  • Discipline Major 36-60 Credit Hours
  • Pre-Professional Studies in Education 23 Credit Hours
  • M.A.T. Program (Graduate)
  • Graduate Level Professional Studies 35 Credit Hours


1 The General Education  program contains a set of requirements each student must fulfill. The number of credit hours necessary to fulfill these requirements may vary.

Total: 135-162 Credit Hours

Recommended Schedule for Secondary Education

The requirements listed below comprise the pre-professional (undergraduate) education program in secondary education. The courses listed must be satisfactorily completed prior to full admission to teacher education and to the graduate M.A.T. program.

Requirements should be completed in the following sequence:

Additional Information

Students must declare the secondary education pre-professional licensure program and be fully admitted into Teacher Education prior to enrolling in the remaining courses. Contact the departmental office to determine the requirements for admission to teacher education. The first three courses listed are corequisite offerings and must be completed before enrolling in the next three courses which are also corequisites.

Third and/or Fourth Year

Total: 22 Credit Hours

Graduate Courses

Before beginning the graduate portion of the professional program, candidates must meet all criteria for admission to teacher education and for admission to the Graduate School (e.g., 2.7 or higher GPA, passing Praxis Subject Assessment scores).  Candidates are expected to complete the admission processes early in their senior year. Candidates must meet all additional requirements of the program and The Graduate School before completing the program. See the Graduate Catalog for additional information. The following courses are required for completion of the graduate portion of the licensure program in secondary education.


  • MSSE 607. Middle and Secondary School Curriculum and Co-Curriculum 3 Credit Hours
  • MSSE 625. Assessment in Secondary Education 3 Credit Hours
  • EDUC 540. Educational Technology 3 Credit Hours
  • EXED 512. Behavior Management in the Classroom 3 Credit Hours
  • MSSE 630. Inquiry in the Classroom 3 Credit Hours
  • EXED 520. Differentiation of Instruction and Academic Collaboration 3 Credit Hours
  • MSSE 570. Content Methods Course for High School 3 Credit Hours
  • MSSE 571. Content Area Field Experience in High School 3 Credit Hours
  • MSSE 675. Internship in Middle and Secondary Education 8 Credit Hours
  • MSSE 650. Internship Seminar 3 Credit Hours

Total: 35 Credit Hours

English Language Learning Academy

The mission of the English Language Learning Academy (ELLA) is to provide language learning opportunities and support through licensure, minor, clinical and direct service programs. Through outreach efforts to businesses, industries and schools, ELLA offers opportunities for individuals to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to support their development as contributing professionals and citizens of our community.

The English Language Learning Academy offers initial PreK-12 licensure program in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) at the bachelor’s and post-baccalaureate levels, and operates the ESL Career Development Academy.

Program Advising

First-year candidates planning to become teachers in secondary schools must enroll in MSSE 101. Orientation to the Profession . Candidates should contact an education adviser concerning job opportunities in the various secondary subject areas, proper sequence of education courses, practicum opportunities in local secondary schools and special programs. By consulting regularly with their program adviser in secondary education, candidates can continually evaluate their academic objectives.

Vocational Education Courses

For persons employed by school divisions, to teach in vocational programs, the following courses are available and can be used by trade and industrial education teachers to upgrade their provisional license to the technical professional teaching license.

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