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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Business, General International Business Concentration, B.B.A.

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Degree and Major Requirements

The B.B.A. degree in international business requires a minimum of 120 credit hours of undergraduate work. Fifty percent of this work, 60 credit hours, must be taken outside of the College of Business . In counting the 60 credit hours of nonbusiness courses, B.B.A. students may include all hours taken in general education (usually 41), up to a total of nine hours in economics (ECON courses must be counted as economics) and three hours of COB 191. Business Statistics . The remaining hours, to bring the total to 60, must be taken from any department outside the College of Business . Students should purposefully select these non-business electives to help them gain additional knowledge and expertise for their careers and personal lives.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

  • B.B.A. core courses 45 Credit Hours
  • International business major requirements 24 Credit Hours 1,3
  • Nonbusiness major requirements 12-15 Credit Hours
  • General education  courses 41 Credit Hours 2,3

1 Students are required to spend the equivalent of a semester abroad. See below for details.
2 Students are encouraged to choose general education courses having a foreign or international content. The program office has a list of these courses. The General Education  program contains a set of requirements each student must fulfill. The number of credit hours necessary to fulfill these requirements may vary.
3 Some language and general education courses may be completed during the semester abroad.

Total: 122-125 Credit Hours

Additional Information

Students planning to major in international business must complete the 30 to 31 hour, lower-division B.B.A. curriculum prior to enrolling in upper-division core courses, normally taken in the first semester of the junior year. It is expected that lower-division core curriculum along with the university general education curriculum will be completed during the first two years of study. Failing to complete all lower-division core requirements on time will delay enrollment in upper-division core and major courses until at least the second semester of the junior year.

The foreign language requirements of the major begin at the advanced level. Consequently, students with little or no foreign language training must use elective credits to obtain proficiency through the intermediate level.

Major Requirements

Students majoring in international business must carefully plan their individual course work because not all required courses are offered each semester and because each student in the major is required to study or work abroad. The study/work abroad requirement is for a minimum of six weeks outside of the United States, unless express permission is granted by the program director for another option. The primary language spoken in the country chosen by each student for the study/work abroad requirement is not to be English and must be the language chosen by the student to meet the IB language requirement. Approval of the study/work abroad requirement must be obtained from the program director (approval forms are available online or outside Zane Showker Hall, room 436). International students should see the program director to determine appropriate requirements for this aspect of the curriculum.

International business majors must select a world region on which to concentrate that coincides with their selected language. For example, an international business major who selects French as his/her second language could choose Europe, Africa or Asia as a world region. Also, a student who selects Spanish as the second language could select either Europe or the Americas. The acceptable world regions are Africa/Middle East, Americas, Asia and Europe.

As part of the JMU assessment program, graduating seniors are required to participate in assessment activities. Assessment information is used to assist the COB faculty in modifying curricula and co-curricular events.

Required Courses


1 Offered fall semester only.
2 Offered spring semester only.
3 Students choosing Spanish to meet the IB language requirement should take either SPAN 485  or SPAN 486  to fulfill this requirement.

Recommended Schedule for Majors

Total: 31-32 Credit Hours

Total: 30 Credit Hours

Third Year


1 International business major requirement.
2 International business major requirement. Students with a finance concentration must take ECON 370  in place of ECON 270 . ECON 370  is offered fall semester only.

Total: 30 Credit Hours

Concentration Requirements

Fourth Year


1 International business major requirement.
2 Offered fall semester only.
3 Offered spring semester only.

Total: 27 Credit Hours

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