Jul 24, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry Major, B.S.

Program Description

Students in this program receive a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry with a major in biophysical chemistry.

Degree and Major Requirements

Degree Requirements Credit Hours
General Education  1 41
Quantitative requirement (in addition to General Education 2 3
Scientific Literacy requirement (in addition to General Education 2 3-4
Major requirements and electives





1 The General Education  program contains a set of requirements each student must fulfill. Some credits may be fulfilled by courses required within the major.
2 The quantitative and scientific literacy requirements for this degree are met by courses required for the major. As a result, the total credit hours earned for the degree will be 131.


1 CHEM 131L -CHEM 132L  may be substituted.
2 CHEM 242L  may be substituted.

Major Requirements Total: 85-87 Credit Hours

Recommended Schedule for Majors

Total: 30-31 Credit Hours

Total: 32 Credit Hours

Total: 30 Credit Hours

Total: 26 Credit Hours

Program Total: 131 Credit Hours