Jun 21, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Biology, Forest Biology, Dual Degree

James Madison University Liaison: Heather Griscom
Phone: (540) 568-5525
Email: griscohp@jmu.edu

This dual degree program makes it possible for the student to earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in biology from James Madison University and a Master of Forestry (M.F.) degree from Virginia Tech in five years.

During the first three years at JMU, the student must complete 89 credit hours, including all JMU general education requirements, the cognate courses in chemistry and mathematics, a course in geology and at least 24 semester hours in biology courses, as shown below.

During the fourth year of study, when the student is in residence at Virginia Tech as an undergraduate student in an accelerated advanced degree program, the student will take further courses (31 credits) approved by the JMU Department of Biology  for credit toward the B.S. in biology from JMU.

A total of 38 semester hours of biology and biology-related courses (taken at JMU and Virginia Tech) will be required for the JMU B.S. in biology, which will be conferred after the fourth year of study. If the student’s academic record is satisfactory, they will be admitted into the graduate program of the Department of Forestry at Virginia Tech, where they will spend an additional year taking forest biology and natural resources courses to obtain the degree of Master of Forestry. To apply for the dual degree program, the student must have the permission of the dean of the College of Science and Mathematics . Information about the program can be obtained from the faculty liaison. Students are encouraged to inquire as early as possible in their undergraduate careers.

First Year (JMU)

Second Year (JMU)

Third Year (JMU)

Fall: 17 Credit Hours

Spring: 16 Credit Hours

Fourth Year (Virginia Tech)

Fall: 15 Credits

  • FOR 4514 Forest and Tree Pest Management
  • FOR 4354 Forest Soil and Watershed Management
  • FOR 4374 Forested Wetlands
  • FOR 4334 Agroforestry
  • FOR 3354 Urban Forestry Arboricuture

Spring: 16 Credit Hours

  • FOR 3324 Silvicultural Principles and Applications
  • FOR 3104 Principles of Watershed Hyrdrology
  • FOR 4324 Genetics of Natural and Managed Populations
  • FOR 4214 Forest Photogrammetry and Spatial Data Processing
  • FOR 4114 Information Technologies for Natural Resource Management
  • GRAD 5144 Communicating Science