May 20, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Biology Minor

Advisor: Julia Stutzman

The biology minor offers students a way to explore primary concepts in biology from molecules to ecosystems through four core biology classes with their associated labs.  Main topics include cell and molecular biology, organismal biology, biodiversity, genetics, ecology, and evolution. Students also choose one or more upper-level level courses in biology within their area of interest.  The biology minor is an ideal minor for any student interested in the biological sciences.  The biology minor also pairs well with other science and social science majors, or pre-professional health minors.

Special Requirements

Practical hands-on experience in the field and/or laboratory is important content of laboratory-based courses. Transfer credit for courses including laboratories will only be awarded for those having skill and application content comparable to that of JMU courses. Elective biology credits applicable toward the minor are transferred as specific courses or as BIO 426  or BIO 427 . Credits not applicable toward the major  or minor, but applicable toward the 120-hour degree requirement, are transferred as BIO 000. A maximum of eight credit hours of first year (100) level BIO courses may be applied to the biology major  or minor requirements. Biology  and biotechnology  majors may not minor in biology.

Required Courses

Students completing the biology minor must earn minimum grades of “C-” in BIO 140 BIO 140L BIO 150  and BIO 150L .

Students choosing to minor in biology must complete the following courses:

Total: 19-20 Credit Hours