Jun 12, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Pre-Physician Assistant Minor

Katie Fisher and Kelly Schuhmann, Co-coordinators
: (540) 568-6652
Email: pph@jmu.edu

Declaring Pre-Physician Assistant (Admission Standards)

Incoming first-year and transfer students can declare pre-physician assistant without verification from PPH Advising . Current students can request to declare the minor through MyMadison but will need approval for the request to be granted. If the student has completed fewer than 12 hours of biology and chemistry (BC) credits, the request will be granted after verification of course work. If the student has completed 12 hours or more BC credits, the request will be granted if the BC GPA is 2.70 or greater.

Access to Pre-Physician Assistant Advising (Progression Standards)

Once students have completed 12 hours of biology or chemistry (BC) coursework, they become subject to twice yearly review of their academic progress. Performance queries will be conducted after summer and fall semester grades are posted. If the review indicates successful progress (meeting the standard of a 2.70 BC GPA), they will be invited to formal advising activities. Topics include learning about different physician assistant programs and discussing fulfillment of non-academic requirements and recommendations (shadowing, volunteering, research and leadership). Assuming continued progress, students planning for the applicant stage (typically spring of the junior or senior year) are invited to participate in application planning seminars.

Pre-physician assistant students who fall below the standard of a 2.70 BC GPA are at high risk of not being admitted to a physician assistant program. Targeted advising for these students focuses on strengthening academic skills as well as career exploration. If a student falls below the standard in a subsequent performance review, they will be administratively dropped from the pre-physician assistant minor. This action will not impede a student from applying to physician assistant programs, nor will it have an impact on a student’s degree program as the pre-physician assistant program is not a major.

Students who wish to re-enter the pre-physician assistant minor may do so as long as they meet the GPA standards (2.70 BC GPA).

Additional Information

Pre-professional health programs do not ensure that all prerequisites for admission to health professions schools are met. Students should inquire with physician assistant schools of interest, including JMU, to confirm details of admission requirements. 

Biochemistry: 3-4 Credit Hours

Choose from:

Intermediate or advanced BIO course work: 4 Credit Hours

Choose from subjects recommended by physician assistant programs:

Behavioral science (PSYC): 6 Credit Hours

Recommend choosing from:

Recommended electives (not required):

  • MATH course Credits: 3.00


CHEM 242L  may be substituted for CHEM 241L .  The CHEM 242L  corequisite is CHEM 242 .

BIO 240  is a prerequisite.

Total: 51-52 Credit Hours