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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Pre-Professional Secondary Education (SEED) Minor

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The pre-professional secondary education minor is designed to provide candidates with the prerequisite course offerings and experiences that form the required foundation for admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) dual degree program. Completion of the M.A.T. program is one of the pathways that can be selected for a recommendation for Virginia licensure in secondary education through JMU. Undergraduate candidates who are planning to pursue licensure to teach in an academic area at the secondary school level in this dual degree pathway should complete the 20-22 credit hour pre-professional secondary education minor.

Candidates should also complete a major or the equivalent in one of the arts and sciences disciplines closely associated with the desired teaching area. The state approved licensure areas in the secondary education program at JMU include: English, mathematics, the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, earth science) and history/social science (social studies). Licensure endorsements for other teaching areas (e.g., algebra) are available as add-on programs. Candidates should contact the departmental office for information concerning those programs.

Candidates should consult with the department head or an adviser in secondary education early during the first year or as soon, thereafter, as possible to obtain information concerning completing the related General Education and content area requirements, as well as the undergraduate and graduate education requirements.

This secondary education licensure program pathway is an integrated program of undergraduate and graduate dual degree requirements and experiences. It is important for candidates to understand that they must meet the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and that the appropriate undergraduate pre-professional courses (i.e. the pre-professional SEED minor) and experiences must be completed satisfactorily before they will be admitted to the M.A.T. program.

Candidates must earn a grade of “B-” or better (unless noted otherwise) in all required pre-professional undergraduate courses in the education program to continue in and complete the pre-professional program. In addition, a minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for admission into the Teacher Education program. A minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.7 is required for admission to the graduate program. All students applying to the M.A.T. in Education must ensure they complete a minimum of 120 undergraduate credits to receive their bachelor’s degree.

Consult the Graduate Catalog for M.A.T. graduate requirements. If utilizing this pathway to licensure, admission to and the satisfactory completion of the M.A.T. program are required in order to receive a recommendation through JMU for a teaching license at the secondary school level.

Candidates should note that, at times, actual teacher licensure requirements may differ from the catalog requirements listed for a program because changes enacted by the Virginia Department of Education or accrediting agencies may have occurred after the catalog copy was approved. Therefore, it is important for students to confer with their education advisers on a regular basis.

Prerequisites to the Minor: 6 Credit Hours

Students must have completed their prerequisite requirements prior to applying for initial application to teaching education:

Teacher Education Core Course: 3 Credit Hours

Orientation to the Profession: 1-3 Credit Hours

Select one of the following courses.

Required Upper Level Course: 3 Credit Hours

General Instructional Methods (GIM) and Initial Field Placement (IFP): 4 Credit Hours

Choose one GIM course and one IFP course for a total of 4.00 credits.

GIM courses:

Choose one course from the following. Must equal 4.00 credits with IFP course.

IFP courses:

Choose one course from the following. Must equal 4.00 credits with GIM course.

Content Teaching Methods, Field Placement and Literacy: 9 Credit Hours

Content Specific Teaching Methods, Grades 6-8: 3 Credit Hours

Choose the content specific teaching methods course.

Content Specific Field Experience in Middle Grades Education: 3 Credit Hours

Choose the content specific field experience course.

Total: 20-22 Credit Hours


1 Grade of “C” or higher is required.

2 Students who do not receive a “C” or better in this course may retake the course or take an equivalent writing course and pass with a grade of “C” or better. Contact the department to determine what course would be most appropriate.

3 Grade of “B-” or higher is required.

4 Course enrollment is blocked and requires initial application to Teacher Education.

5 Course enrollment is blocked and requires admission to Teacher Education.

6 Science students who do not want to take the CSM 299  and PHYS 397  sequence may take the MSSE 370  and MSSE 371  sequence.

7 Course work requires successful completion of EDUC 310 , MSSE 101 , a general methods course, and an initial field placement.

8 History or Political Science majors must enroll in POSC 457  as a corequisite to MSSE 470H  and MSSE 471H .

Recommended Schedule for Secondary Education Minor

Select one of the following courses:

Additional Information

Students must declare the secondary education minor and be fully admitted into Teacher Education prior to enrolling in the remaining courses. Contact the departmental office to determine the requirements for admission to Teacher Education. The first four courses listed above are co-requisite offerings and must be completed before enrolling in next courses: CSM 299 , EDUC 310 , MSSE 370 , MSSE 371 , MSSE 430  or PHYS 397 , which are then corequisites for the remaining three courses (MSSE 470E /MSSE 470H /MSSE 470M /MSSE 470S , MSSE 471E /MSSE 471H /MSSE 471M /MSSE 471S  and LED 440 ).

Total: 20-22 Credit Hours

Overall program requirements consist of six prerequisite credit hours plus 20-22 credit hours in the minor.

See the Graduate Catalog for the recommended schedule of courses for the M.A.T. in Education.

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