Jun 25, 2022  
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art: Art Education emphasis, M.A.

Application and Portfolio Deadlines

For Fall 2022 Semester: Application deadline is January 19, 2022

M.A. in Art, Art Education emphasis

  • Full-time applicants for Summer 2022 semester: Application deadline is January 19, 2022
  • Part-time applicants: Rolling admission

Applications received after the deadline, or applications that are incomplete as of the deadline, may not receive full consideration.

Degrees and Concentrations

The School of Art, Design and Art History offers the Master of Fine Arts degree in art with a concentration in art studio, the Master of Arts in art with emphasis in education or concentration in art studio.


The Master of Arts in art with an emphasis in education at JMU is a graduate program for certified art educators dedicated to excellence in teaching and directing comprehensive art education programs in schools, museums, art organizations or the private sector. The program includes in-depth analysis of the methods and techniques for teaching art studio, art history, art criticism, aesthetics and visual culture. The program promotes graduates who are:

  • Dedicated art education professionals.
  • Articulate art education advocates.
  • Charismatic leaders who demonstrate art education as a vital component of general education.


  • To provide students with the structure, skills, core concepts and methods of inquiry for teaching and directing comprehensive art education programs, including: aesthetics, art criticism, art history, studio production and visual culture.
  • To provide students with opportunities to create and evaluate art instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners.
  • To provide opportunities for students to demonstrate an extensive range of strategies for teaching and evaluating art instruction, including the use of technology.
  • To foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction among students for developing thesis papers and projects.
  • To deepen a student’s knowledge in a specific area of art education scholarly interest.
  • To provide students with access to the latest research on how children learn and develop and how culture influences human development and creative artistic expression.
  • To provide students with access to the latest research on how children learn to understand, appreciate, create and judge works of art.
  • To provide students with opportunities to apply research to art lessons that support intellectual, social and personal development.

Application Requirements

In addition to the requirements of The Graduate School, applicants must meet additional qualifications established by the School of Art, Design and Art History.

The candidate must have an undergraduate degree with a minimum of 33 credit hours in art studio and nine credit hours in art history. The art history hours must include six hours surveying the history of Western art and three hours in upper-level art history. The candidate must have an art-teaching license and submit:

  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • A teaching philosophy.
  • An example lesson plan demonstrating comprehensive art education.
  • A personal statement as an indication of preparation for graduate study.

Evidence of a current art teaching license is required to waive the GRE.

Program Requirements

The program of study includes nine hours in art education, three hours in art history, three hours in criticism, nine hours in education and/or art education electives (Directed Study), and six hours of thesis.

Master of Arts in Art (Art Education emphasis) Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Art Education 9 Credit Hours
  • Art History 3 Credit Hours
  • Art Criticism 3 Credit Hours
  • Thesis 6 Credit Hours
  • Education/Art Education electives 9 Credit Hours

Total: 30 Credit Hours

Art Courses

Art Theory and Criticism Courses

Directed Study Courses