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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Minor

The Honors College requires a separate application for admission into the college. The Honors College offers an Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minor (students are identified as Honors Scholars).

The minor requires students to complete 25 credits. These credits are taken in the honors core and include the completion of an Honors Capstone Project. The project may be completed as a thesis and/or portfolio project in Honors or the student’s major or minor.

Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Minor Requirements

All students must complete a total of 25 credit hours.

Honors Scholar minors need to show progression in honors coursework and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in honors courses in order to remain in good standing in the college. Exceptions may be granted based on faculty and student petitions and must receive Honors College approval.

Honors Core: 19 Credit Hours *

Introduction to Honors: 1 Credit Hour

Choose one:

Combination of the following Honors courses: 12 Credit Hours

  • General Education Honors sections 6.00 Credit Hours
  • Choose from the following: 6.00 - 9.00 Credit Hours **
    • HON 200 / HON 300 courses
    • Approved Honors section courses
    • Honors Options - no more than 4.00 Credit Hours***

Diversity Course: 3 Credit Hours ***

See the list of Honors diversity courses below.

Research or Experiential Learning Course: 3 Credit Hours ***

See the list of Honors research or experiential learning courses below.

Honors Capstone Project: 6 Credit Hours****

Students will complete one of the options below:

Thesis Pathway:


  • Any combination of departmental or HON 499 or other approved credits with completion of project 6.00 Credit Hours
  • Graduation designation as an “Honors Scholar with Distinction in Major or Minor”


Portfolio Pathway:


*Minimum 13 credit hours of Honors-designated courses

**Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minors may choose to fulfill seminar requirements by selecting and completing a series of courses associated with an area of emphasis, followed by a practicum experience.  Completion of the area of emphasis will appear as a special designation on the transcript. The primary goal of these courses is to introduce students to key skills associated with the area each serves while establishing a cohort of students with similar interests. Areas of emphasis may include the following areas: creativity, research, service, leadership, and global studies.

***From approved list of honors and non-honors courses. Students may appeal for course substitutions.

****The Honors Capstone Project (Honors thesis/ portfolio­) presents an opportunity to conduct research or engage in a creative endeavor in which you work independently, with faculty guidance, to synthesize and share a final product or handiwork related to a topic and skill sets of your own choosing. These are completed during the final two to three semesters at JMU. Most often, project topics are related to the major or minor discipline. With permission from the Honors College, current JMU students may use their major or minor capstone for completion of part of their Honors minor requirements.

List of Honors Diversity Courses

List of Honors Research and Experiential Learning Courses

Honors Project for Non-minor Students

Current JMU students who are not in the Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minor may pursue independent scholarship leading to the completion of an Honors Capstone Project in their chosen major or minor. These students will declare their interest in completing a thesis or portfolio in their respective major or minor and must obtain Honors College permission and submit the final project to the Honors College.

Upon approval of the major or minor academic unit and the Honors College a graduation designation with distinction in the major or minor is awarded to students completing this project with a grade of “B” or better.  

Thesis Pathway:

  • Any combination of departmental or approved credits within a student’s major of minor and completion of project and presentation requirements- With Distinction in the Major or Minor- Thesis

Portfolio Pathway: