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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, Middle Grades Education, B.S.

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Grades Six Through Eight Licensure Program

Middle Grades Education is an undergraduate program designed to develop content-area teachers for grades 6-8. In this major, students learn the developmental characteristics of students aged 10 to 14; the social, emotional, physical and intellectual abilities and needs of diverse middle school students; and the design of appropriate cross-disciplinary curriculum and instruction while completing multiple field experiences in local middle school classrooms.

This program of study provides students with course offerings and experiences that form the required foundation for licensure in middle education at James Madison University. Students major in middle grades education while completing licensure area course requirements in a discipline closely associated with the desired teaching area. The state-approved licensure areas in the middle grades education major at JMU are English, mathematics, science and social studies. While students must earn licensure in one concentration, it is also possible to work toward licensure in two concentrations. In most cases, licensure courses may be counted toward a minor. Licensure endorsements for specialized teaching areas (e.g., Algebra I, journalism, gifted education) are available as add-on endorsements. Students interested in pursuing any licensure option must consult with a program adviser regarding requirements and scheduling.

Students must earn a grade of “B-” or better in all required courses in the middle education major and earn credit in all licensure area content course work to continue in and complete the licensure area. 

Students should consult with a middle grades education adviser in their first year to obtain information concerning completion of General Education, major and licensure area requirements. In addition to declaring the middle grades education major, students must apply and meet the requirements for admission to teacher education. Students must be fully admitted to teacher education prior to registering for MSSE 240.

Note: Actual teacher licensure requirements may differ from the listed catalog requirements because of changes enacted by the Virginia Department of Education and/or national accrediting agencies. Students are encouraged to confer regularly with their adviser to determine their progress toward graduation.

Middle Grades Education Major and Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

  • General Education 123 41 Credit Hours
  • Quantitative Requirement 3 Credit Hours
  • Scientific Literacy Requirement 3 Credit Hours
  • Middle Grades Education Major Requirements 45 Credit Hours
  • Licensure Area Course Requirements 28 Credit Hours

Total: 120 Credit Hours


1 Must include PSYC 160.

2 The General Education  program contains a set of requirements each student must fulfill. The number of credit hours necessary to fulfill these requirements may vary.

3 The number of credits taken to meet major and concentration requirements may vary if courses are double-counted for General Education  or to meet Quantitative or Scientific Literacy Requirements.


Major Requirements

Total: 33 Credit Hours

Student Teaching/Internship Requirements

Total: 8 Credit Hours

Middle Education Concentrations

Choose one of the following concentrations.

English Concentration

Total: 4 Credit Hours

Mathematics Concentration

Total: 4 Credit Hours

Science Concentration

Total: 4 Credit Hours

Social Studies Concentration

Total: 4 Credit Hours

Total: 45 Credit Hours

Total: 120 Credit Hours

Recommended Schedule

First Year

Total: 27 Credit Hours

Second Year

Total: 34 Credit Hours

Third Year

  • Remaining General Education  11.00 Credit Hours
  • ​Licensure Area Content Courses 9.00 Credit Hours

Choose one set of courses below: 4 Credit Hours

Total: 30 Credit Hours

Fourth Year

Applications of Middle Grades Education

Total: 29 Credit Hours

Total: 120 Credit Hours

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