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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, Ecology and Environmental Biology Concentration, B.S.

Degree and Major Requirements

Concentration in Ecology and Environmental Biology

The biology department offers a concentration within the biology major for students with interest in ecology, field biology, natural resources, environmental biology, conservation biology, evolution, animal behavior and organismal biology. Students choosing a concentration in ecology and environmental biology must meet all of the requirements for the biology major as well as the following additional requirements. Courses for this concentration can also satisfy biology major requirements.

Students must complete at least 20 credit hours from the following list.

With prior approval from the concentration coordinator, BIO 426  and/or BIO 427  may be substituted. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their career interests with an adviser who can help select courses best suited to their needs. In addition to the courses listed below, a maximum of eight credits of BIO 495 , BIO 496 , BIO 497  and BIO 499A /BIO 499B /BIO 499C  can be counted toward the EEB concentration.


1 Meets the biology major requirement for an organismal diversity course.

2 Meets one of the biology major requirements for laboratory/field courses.

Students must take two additional cognate courses:

Additional Information

It is highly recommended that students take additional upper-level degree elective courses in geography/GIS (such as GEOG 466. GIS and Geographic Databases , or GEOG 467. GIS Project Management ) and in statistics (such as MATH 322. Applied Linear Regression , or MATH 324. Applied Nonparametric Statistics ). Students should consult with their adviser about which courses are appropriate.