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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre, Theatre Studies Concentration, B.A.

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The School of Theatre and Dance  offers a B.A. in theatre. A theatre major must fulfill degree and major requirements.

Credit by Examination

A student may earn credit for a course in theatre and dance by passing an examination. The school administers credit by examination tests during only the first two weeks of a fall or spring semester. The tests will not be offered during summer sessions. A student can take a credit by examination test only once during a semester.

A student must request permission for credit by examination by the end of the semester that precedes the semester in which he/she wants to take the examination. Theatre and dance majors who want to meet a major requirement through examination must take the examination before their final year of study. The school does not offer credit by examination for performance or design courses such as acting, directing, scene design, lighting design, costume design, makeup, stage management, dance technique, composition and ensembles.

Theatre B.A. Degree and Major Requirements

Degree Requirements

Program Requirements

  • General Education  41 Credit Hours 1
  • Foreign Language classes (intermediate level required)  0-14 Credit Hours 2
  • Philosophy course (in addition to General Education  courses) 3 Credit Hours
  • University electives 17-28 Credit Hours
  • Major requirements (listed below) 48 Credit Hours 3
Total: 120 Credit Hours


1 The General Education  program contains a set of requirements each student must fulfill. The number of credit hours necessary to fulfill these requirements may vary.

2 The foreign language requirement may be satisfied by successful completion of the second semester of the intermediate level of the student’s chosen language (typically 232) or by placing out of that language through the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures’ placement test.

3 Includes nine credit hours of concentration or theatre electives.​​​​​​​

Major Requirements

All students pursuing a B.A. degree in theatre must complete the core requirements.

Required Courses

Core Requirements: 8 Credit Hours

Choose four of the following: 4 Credit Hours

(One credit each from scenery, lighting, costumes, management or performance)

Choose one of the following: 3 Credit Hours

Performance Requirements: 3 Credit Hours

(Choose one)

Design/Technology Requirements: 3 Credit Hours

(Choose one)

Total: 39 Credit Hours

Concentration Courses

Theatre majors may fulfill the requirements for one or more concentrations or complete nine THEA credits not already applied to the major.

Students in concentrations receive concentration-related advising. In order to formally pursue a concentration, students must apply for the concentration, which can happen as early as the fall of sophomore year for the theatre education concentration and as early as the spring of sophomore year for the theatre studies, performance and design/technology concentrations.

Theatre Studies

The Theatre Studies Concentration requires nine credits not already applied to the major.

Choose two courses not already applied to the major, from the following list.  Choose any three additional DANC or THEA credits not already applied to the major, or any three additional credits of dramatic literature, theatre, performance studies, or critical theory related courses in other programs with your advisor’s permission.

Recommended Schedule for Theatre Majors

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

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