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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Marketing, B.B.A.

Degree and Major Requirements

Marketing majors conform to the general structure of the B.B.A. degree program. The B.B.A. degree in marketing requires a minimum of 120 credit hours of undergraduate course work.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses

  • General Education  requirements 41 Credit Hours 1
  • B.B.A. lower-level core courses 27-28 Credit Hours 2
  • B.B.A. upper-level core courses 18 Credit Hours
  • Marketing major requirements 27 Credit Hours
  • Non-business electives 7-13 Credit Hours 2
Total: 120 Credit Hours


1 The General Education  program contains a set of requirements each student must fulfill. The number of credit hours necessary to fulfill these requirements may vary.
2 When B.B.A. lower-level core courses are used to meet General Education  requirements (e.g., ECON 200  and MATH 205 ), the number of non-business elective hours a student must take to reach 120 hours increases from 7 to 13.

Additional Information

Fifty percent of course work, or 60 credit hours, must be taken outside of the College of Business . In counting the 60 credit hours of nonbusiness courses, B.B.A. students may include all hours taken in general education (usually 41), up to a total of nine hours in economics and three hours of COB 191  or MATH 220 . The remaining hours to bring the total to 60 must be taken from any academic unit outside the College of Business . Students should carefully select these non-business electives to help them gain additional knowledge and expertise for their careers and personal lives.

Major Requirements

Students planning to major in marketing must complete the 30 hour, lower-division B.B.A. core requirements (see the College of Business  section for the list of courses) prior to enrolling in upper-division B.B.A. core and marketing courses. Upper division courses normally begin in the first semester of the junior year. The lower-division core curriculum should be completed during the first two years of study along with most of the university General Education curriculum. Failing to complete all lower-division core requirements on time will delay enrollment in upper-division core and major courses. The following upper-division B.B.A. core courses are required: COB 300A , COB 300B , COB 300C , and COB 300D , COB 318  and COB 487 .

Marketing Curriculum

The marketing curriculum consists of 27 credit hours in marketing. The required courses equip students with knowledge and skills all marketers should have. Elective courses allow students to pursue areas of special interest and prepare for specific career tracks in marketing. Students may choose to complete a concentration in Professional sales.

Required Courses

Concentration and elective courses 6-12 Credit Hours

Total: 27 Credit Hours

B.B.A. Core Component

B.B.A. Lower-Level Core Component

B.B.A. majors must complete all of the B.B.A. core components as part of their degree program. The following courses comprise the B.B.A. Lower-Level Core Component:


1 MATH 220  may be substituted for COB 191 .
2 COB 191  or equivalent and MATH 205  or equivalent are prerequisites for COB 291 .
3 Calculus is required but not used in calculating the B.B.A. core GPA. MATH 235  is preferred for Finance majors. 
4 COB 241  must be taken before COB 242 .
5 COB 242  is a prerequisite or corequisite for COB 300 and is not used in calculating the B.B.A. core GPA. COB 242  is a prerequisite for COB 300 for students taking COB 300 in Antwerp.
6 All four COB 300 courses must be taken during the same semester.
7 COB 300 is a prerequisite or corequisite for COB 318 . COB 318  is a prerequisite for COB 487 .
8 COB 487  must be taken during the senior year.

Marketing Required Courses

Core Courses 15 Credit Hours

Recommended Schedule for Majors

Marketing majors should follow the course schedule below to complete the final two years of their program. It is possible to deviate from this schedule but care must be taken to ensure that all course prerequisites are met.

Third Year

Fourth Year

COB 487   must be taken during a student’s fourth year; however, the course may be taken either semester.

First Semester

Second Semester