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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, Department of

Dr. Dabney A. Bankert, Department Head
Phone: (540) 568-6797
Email: bankerda@jmu.edu
Location: Keezell Hall, Room 215
Website: http://www.jmu.edu/english

D. Bankert, K. Castellano, M. Favila, A. Federico, J. Gabbin, B. Johnson, L. Kutchins, R. Majors, D. Mookerjea-Leonard, A. Morey, M. Parker, M. Rebhorn

Associate Professors
P. Bogard, E. Cavanagh, S. Cote, A. Fagan,  R. Gaughran, M. Godfrey, D. Goode, B. Hefner, L. Henigman, M. Rankin, M. Thompson, S. White

Assistant Professors
D. Babcock, D. Lo, S. Samatar, G. Wrenn


Our mission is to prepare our students to be appreciative yet critical readers and creators of language, texts, and ideas, attending to the powerful link between the literary arts and the human condition. We develop in students the ability to write with clarity, creativity, and rhetorical power, and to recognize and explore the complex interaction between texts of various genres and diverse contexts of production and reception, that they may emerge with superior dexterity of reasoning, a heightened empathy, and an expanded worldview.


To build upon the skills introduced in the General Education  program, the Department of English strives to:

  • Provide students advanced instruction in writing styles ranging from expository and creative writing to literary criticism.
  • Help students master advanced skills in analytical and critical thinking.
  • Develop skills in research and information access.

Career Opportunities

Careers that involve critical thinking, document analysis or oral and written communication such as:

  • Career counseling
  • Corporate recruiting
  • Consulting
  • Editing
  • Educational administration
  • Film and food critic
  • Graduate school in English, creative writing, law and library science
  • Human resources
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Law school
  • Library science (librarian, archivist, preservationist)
  • Literary agent
  • Literacy instructor
  • Lobbyist
  • Magazine writing and editing (print and online)
  • Marketing
  • Newspaper reporting/foreign correspondent
  • Non-profit advocacy and administration
  • Public relations and public affairs officer
  • Publishing
  • Research
  • Speech writer
  • Stockbroker
  • Teaching

Co-curricular Activities and Organizations

  • Sigma Tau Delta (the National English Honor Society)
  • gardy loo! (a literary magazine)
  • Sister Speak (JMU’s feminist journal)
  • MacGuffin Film Journal
  • Cinemuse Film Club
  • Hopscotch (children’s literature magazine)

Cross Disciplinary Minors

English participates in the following cross disciplinary minors: