Mar 21, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Latin American, Latinx and Caribbean Studies Minor

Kristin Wylie, Coordinator
Phone: (540) 568-5307

Becca Howes-Mischel, Adviser
Phone: (540) 568-6171


This cross disciplinary minor helps students to acquire a deeper understanding of the histories, politics and cultures of Latin America, the Caribbean and Latinx communities in the U.S. The minor consists of 18 approved credit hours. Participants in the minor are strongly encouraged to pursue course work in foreign languages including Spanish, Portuguese and French as well as to explore the possibility of studying in a Latin American or Caribbean country for a semester or summer session.


Students must select courses in at least three diffferent disciplines, with no more than nine credits in any discipline (e.g., ANTH, HIST). Other special topics classes may be accepted via course waiver. Consult the adviser for more information.

Complete four additional courses from among the following: 12 Credit Hours

Total: 18 Credit Hours


1 HUM 252. Global Cultures [C2HQC] Must be one of the following topics to count toward the core requirement: Latin American Cultures or Introduction to Latin American, Latinx and Caribbean Studies. Other sections (e.g., Brazilian Culture) may count as an elective. HUM 252  counts as a history course unless taught by faculty from another discipline. Consult the LAXC adviser with questions.

2 LAXC special topics course. Can be repeated once for credit, if the topic changes. Only one will count toward the core requirement; the second will count toward required electives.

3 Special topics or special studies course. It may count for the minor, but only if it deals with Latin America or the Caribbean. Contact the adviser for approval.