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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education, Adult Education/Human Resource Development, Higher Education Concentration, M.S.Ed.

The concentration in higher education is designed to prepare learners who have experience and/or in-depth preparation in an academic area to provide instruction for undergraduate learners and adapt to other aspects of the undergraduate teaching environment in institutions of higher education.


In addition to the core courses, students will choose electives appropriate to their interests. These electives when combined with the core courses may form a concentration. These additional courses may be taken in the AHRD program or in another area related to the students’ interests. These additional courses should complement the learner’s studies in adult education/human resource development and support his/her professional goals.

Concentration areas for adult education/human resource development include the following defined areas of study: leadership and facilitation, instructional design, human resource management, higher education, individualized and AHRD program evaluation and measurement. Details for each defined concentration are listed below. A learner, in conjunction with his or her adviser, can also define a concentration in another area of study such as public administration, counseling psychology, secondary education or any content area that is complementary with the learner’s professional objectives. Concentrations should be decided in conjunction with the learner’s adviser.

Core Courses

The core requirements consist of foundational courses that are the basis for the understanding of adult education/ human resource development. These core courses encourage learners to investigate adult education/human resource development and to appreciate all facets of this dynamic field.

Qualifying Examination

At the end the second semester in which the learner is enrolled in this program, he/she will participate in a qualifying examination to be conducted by the program faculty. This examination will cover content knowledge covered in the first two semesters of the program.

Comprehensive Examinations

During the final semester in which the learner is enrolled in this program, he/she will participate in both oral and written comprehensive examinations to be conducted by the learner’s advisory committee. These examinations will cover key concepts, principles, theories and practices covered in the core courses. The comprehensive examination committee consists of at least two full-time AHRD faculty members and/or faculty of courses taken by the student.

Electronic Portfolio

During the final semester in which the learner is enrolled in this program, he/she will submit an electronic portfolio of all core course assignments to the program faculty. Evaluation of the learner’s portfolio will be conducted by the learner’s adviser and thesis/reading and research chair.