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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies for Middle Education Licensure, B.S.

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Dr. Scott PaulsonInterim Director​
Dr. Steve Baedke, Area Director for Mathematics, Science and Technology
Phone: (540) 568-5260
Location: Maury Hall, Room 118

G. F. Linder

Associate Professors
M. Chamberlin, P. Frana, K. Wright

Assistant Professors
J. Mangan, M. Schmitt-Harsh, J. Walker

Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies (IDLS) is the undergraduate major for students pursuing teaching licensure in inclusive early childhood education (early childhood education, preK-3 and early childhood special education, birth to five), elementary education (PreK-6), middle grades education (6-8) and special education (K-12). The IDLS major meets Virginia teacher competencies by providing breadth and integration across the content areas of English and language arts, history, social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, and technology.

IDLS requirements vary by education program, as outlined in this section. Students declaring the IDLS major must also declare one of the teacher education programs listed. Detailed information on teacher education programs is in the College of Education  section of this catalog.

In the unusual circumstance that a student exits the education licensure pre-professional program late in his/her college career, the IDLS director may permit the student to complete the IDLS degree with the addition of an appropriate minor.

Required Courses

  • IDLS and General Education  core 46 Credit Hours
  • IDLS upper-level concentration 36-42 Credit Hours
  • Education program 32 Credit Hours
  • Elective 0-6 Credit Hours

Total: 120 Credit Hours

Core Requirements for IDLS Middle Education

The IDLS middle education curriculum consists of 46 hours of core requirements and 36-42 hours in the content concentrations, depending upon which concentrations are selected. Students will select two concentrations from four: science, mathematics, social studies and language arts. Mathematics and science concentrations are 18 hours. Language arts and social studies concentrations are 21 hours. Any combination of concentrations will satisfy the teacher licensure endorsement requirements for middle grades licensure in Virginia. The middle grades curriculum of IDLS is open only to middle grades licensure students.

Students follow the General Education  planning guide for their catalog year, and complete these specific IDLS core requirements:

Middle Education Concentration Options

Middle education students will complete the required courses for any two of the four concentration areas: science, mathematics, language arts and social studies. IDLS middle education concentrations provide depth and integration beyond core requirements. The current list of concentration courses is available on the IDLS website.

IDLS Advisement

IDLS majors are assigned two advisers, one to guide them through teacher education program requirements and another to guide them through IDLS major requirements. Students should check with both advisers regularly to ensure timely graduation. These advisers are assigned when students officially declare their education program and IDLS major. To declare, students must acquire education and IDLS academic unit head signatures on a “Change or Declaration of Major” form.

Teacher Licensure

To be eligible for teacher licensure in inclusive early childhood, elementary, middle school and special education, students graduating with the Bachelor of Science degree in IDLS must complete the appropriate teacher education program at the undergraduate and graduate (Master of Arts in Teaching) levels.

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