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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Department of Health Professions

Academic Unit Head, Kirk Armstrong
Phone: (540) 568-7658

J. Akers, K. Armstrong, J. Frye, P. Maxwell, A. Temple, D. Torisky

Associate Professors
A. Abad-Jorge, A. Dengo-Flores, J. Goetschius, M. Hesse, R. Dorne, K. Liskey, S. Maiewski, C. Peterson, W. Simmons, A. Skelly, J. Walsh, G. Weniger

Assistant Professors
 J. Bonham, T. Newman, A. Russell Yun

 J. Ginnity

 K. Harrison


Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for programs in the Department of Health Professions vary by program. Refer to the specific program for admission criteria and deadlines.


The graduate programs in health professions are dedicated to preparing students to become evidence-based critical thinkers in the health sciences. Specifically, these programs build upon the undergraduate health sciences programs by providing a more detailed knowledge base that is fortified by self-directed learning experiences and the development of practical, clinical and/or research skills.


The specific goals of the graduate programs in health sciences are designed to help students develop their critical thinking abilities while expanding their knowledge in the rapidly changing health-related environments. Specifically, students will be able to:

  • critically evaluate the current research in the ever-broadening field of health.
  • access current literature in the health fields.
  • interpret current health-related research.
  • develop basic research skills.
  • describe and evaluate various health education models.
  • critically evaluate past and present health care administration strategies.

The mission and goals are based, in part, on the Standards for the Preparation of Graduate-Level Healthcare professionals.

In the Master of Science programs, courses must be selected with the approval of the major adviser in accordance with the program requirements. 

Students entering the M.S. in kinesiology with a concentration in nutrition and physical activity who do not possess the required prerequisites must obtain them before beginning the program.

Overview of Programs

The Department of Health Professions is home to four graduate programs: M.S. in athletic training, M.S. in health sciences with a concentration in nutrition and physical activity; M.O.T. in occupational therapy; and M.P.A.S. in physician assistant studies.