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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Integrated Science and Engineering

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MSC 4116, Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Phone: (540) 568-8841                                           Website:

Dr. Robert A. Kolvoord

Interim Associate Dean
Dr. Henry A. Way

Academic Units within the College

Department of Computer Science
Dr. Sharon J. Simmons, Academic Unit Head

Department of Engineering
Dr. Kurtis G. Paterson, Academic Unit Head

Department of Integrated Science and Technology
Dr. Jeffrey D. Tang, Interim Academic Unit Head

Graduate Programs

The College of Integrated Science and Engineering offers the following graduate degrees:

  • Computer Science (M.S.)
    • Information Security
    • Digital Forensics Not currently accepting applications.
    • Digital Forensics – Fifth Year Format Not currently accepting applications.
  • Integrated Science and Technology (M.S.) Not currently accepting applications.
  • Integrated Science and Technology Environmental Management and Sustainability (M.S.) – joint degree program with the University of Malta


The College of Integrated Science and Engineering encompasses programs whose common denominator is solving problems that impact the world at large through both the application of science and technology and the consideration of the social context in which the problem sits.

Over the past several decades, remarkable developments in science and technology have altered our lives and our society, bringing both great opportunities and challenges. Continued prosperity and societal harmony depend on the integration of scientific knowledge, the creative use of engineering design, technical capabilities in computing and other fields, the application of ethical principles, and an understanding and appreciation of cultural commonalities and differences. Consequently, there is a need for individuals who understand the importance of specialization, as well as cross-disciplinary connections, and also the integration of knowledge for practical application. These individuals must have the flexibility to be able to operate in an environment of uncertainty and complexity, the drive to seize such opportunities as they arise, and the vision and creativity to create new opportunities as needed. Our faculty is dedicated to producing graduates with a scientific and technical knowledge base and a matching set of interpersonal, organizational and technical skills. To this end, our faculty members not only educate our students; they also inspire and serve as role models.

The college places importance on carrying out its role within the community of Academic Affairs, working collaboratively with other colleges and supporting division-wide programs and priorities.

Mission Statement

The College of Integrated Science and Engineering, by supporting its constituent academic programs, seeks to build a community of students, faculty and staff who share a common purpose of improving our world through the cultivation of integrated sciences and engineering.


The goals of the College of Integrated Science and Engineering are:

  • To promote a student-centered focus in teaching, scholarship and service that encompasses excellence, collegiality and professionalism.
  • To foster, among both faculty and students, life-long professional development, personal growth and commitment to ethical behavior.
  • To contribute to the betterment of society at local, regional, national and global levels with a focus on sustainable solutions.
  • To prepare students to enter professions of value to our community, through the study of applied science and engineering within a social context, or to undertake advanced study.
  • To support a community of faculty that pursues high-quality, innovative and cross-disciplinary instruction, scholarship and service.
  • To emphasize innovation.
  • To encourage partnerships both within and outside the university.

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